Mechanical and manual demolition 2018-04-23T12:55:50+00:00

Mechanical and manual demolition

We demolish using mechanical and manual methods, regardless of the nature of the material used (brick, stone, concrete, metal) or the type of construction (building and industrial buildings, chimneys, silos, bridges, trestles, foundations etc.). The demolition with modern mechanical means shall apply with priority in the case of construction with a large horizontal development and with heights up to 25 m. 

We have modern machines and equipment, which ensures a demolition with high-efficiency and safety for the sites located in the vicinity of the targets that is about to be demolished.

 The demolition process is conducted by technical staff with great experience in the field. As a result of the demolition process we are left with a range of materials, part of which can be reused and the rest is discharged into approved zones for storage of inert waste arising from the construction and demolition processes.