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About Us

Hentza Business is a prestigious company that has successfully managed to establish itself on the domestic and international markets with numerous works our name being synonymous not only with “We demolish, we build” but also with „Professionalism”.

During our projects, we have implemented the most competitive solutions in demolitions, constructions, concrete drilling and cutting, all while providing safety and respect to the environment. Our professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and client satisfaction – represent the key to our success.

The number of projects we have implemented has grown, but our commitment has stayed the same – competitive pricing, high quality of our works and personnel, professional services. With a flexible approach when it comes to our client’s needs, combined with the use of the latest technologies in the field, Hentza Business has proven to be a business you can rely on.

The Hentza Business Mission

  • Developing the constructions segment by harnessing the results of our specialists who have shown professionalism, dedication, and attention to details in complex terrain preparation projects.

  • Provide a performant company management to secure a sustainable growth and development in the short and long run

  • Purchase innovative equipment and technologies to allow us to engage in complex projects with the great results our customers expect

  • All the terrain preparation solutions will take into consideration the safety measures and also respect for the environment.

The Hentza Business Values

  • We are honest with ourselves and with our customers, so we take on only the works we know we are capable of delivering at the highest quality standards
  • We demand our employees, suppliers and partners total commitment in fully meeting our customers’ requirements
  • We are loyal to our clients, our employees, suppliers and partners and we value the development of an excellent working relationship
  • We respect the contribution our partners have in our success and we expect the same thing
  • We are professional and pragmatic in our approach when it comes to the contracts we are taking on, following to obtain excellence in the works we are doing

Our Clients